Our barbershop always deliver services of the highest quality. We offer modern takes on classic haircuts, beardcuts and straight razor shaves. We also sell locally produced hair & beard products.

Johan Olsson

Johan started out as an apprentice at a barbershop in Stockholm in 2012. He later continued his education at the London school of barbering, one of Londons top schools for barbers. After his education he started his first job as a barber and it wasn't long til his schedule was fully booked.

Johan Olsson, barber at Kollektivet Hvitan
Henry Apler, barber at Kollektivet Hvitan

Henry Apler

Henry followed his friends path and became an apprentice at the barbershop where Johan was working in 2014. He quickly fell in love with the job and went to Dublin to study at The Knights School of Barbering in 2015. With a interest in the classic haircuts from 40's and 50's Henry returned to Stockholm where he soon was fully booked.

David Jonsson

David is the newest addition to Kollektivet Hvitan, where he started as an apprentice in the spring of 2017. In the summer of the same year David followed Johans footsteps and enrolled to one of the top barbering schools in London; London School of Barbering. After graduation David works as a Junior Barber with reduced prices.

David Jonsson, junior barber at Kollektivet Hvitan
Service Price
Haircut, 60 min 620 kr
Beardcut, 30 min 350 kr
Beard & haircut, 90 min 970 kr
Straight razor shave, 90 min 750 kr
Haircut, junior barber 450 kr
Beardcut, junior barber 300 kr
Beardcut and haircut, junior barber 750 kr
Straight razor shave, junior barber 500 kr
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